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The Flora

We find, in Valais, from the mediterranean climate to the nival level, the one of the perpetual snow, every level of vegetation. The interested hiker will find an abundant flora. Here, one can even observe species that are unique in the world.
At the lowest alttitude, the hill level is covered with vegetation, for example, vines. Then, at the mountain level, man still plants fruits and potatoes.

The biggest part of the Monte Rosa Tour is located over, at the subalpine and alpine levels. Perfectly adapted plants grow here. Mostly, they are small shrubs (for example rhododendrons or whortleberry) and alpine flowers, like the edelweiss.
Higher, we reach the nival level, where it seems improbable to see plants. In many place, we find lichen and moss. An attentive eye will nevertheless find, in sheltered locations, diverse alpine flowers, such as the glacier buttercups and the Vandellis androsace.

The "Alpine flowers promenade" in Saas Grund is warmly recommended for everyone that has an interest in the flora of the Valais hign mountain. A great number of panels, along the trail, with texts and photos present local plants. All the information found here are useful for the rest of the Tour, even though some regional particularities must be taken in account. A guide was published, concerning this "Alpine flowers promenade". It describes all the region’s varieties and classifies them by zone.

A tip: a visite is highly recommended at the beginning of the summer because, at this period, most plants are blooming!
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