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GPX-File laden GPX-File Theodulpass - St. Jaques


Location: Valtournanche,
2006 m ü. M.

Highway A5 from Turin, direction Aoste,
exit at St. Vincent-Châtillon direction Valtournanche towards Breuil-Cervinia

Bus connection to Breuil

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Theodulpass - St. Jaques

The first desert of stones with small mountain lakes can be crossed optionally with the ropeway. After a short rise towards the Cîme Bianche, a long terrace valley follows, in a landscape of peatlands. At the entrance of the Val d’Ayas, we reenter a forest zone. We can spend the night in Resy or in St. Jaques.

The hiker is welcomed on the plateau of the Maison-Blanche by the scintillating of the small dark blue mountain lakes. This region reminds of the wild Kurdistan, which was described by Karl May in his adventures of the wild east. Only stones, fallen rocks and some lichen. This vegetation is typical for this alpine zone.
At Colle Superior, a fantastic view opens on the valley down below. This valley, strewn by hills covered with limestone towers, reminds a dinosaure’s back. This resembles the rock formations in the Dolomites. The trail curves through a terraced valley that is almost endless, with passages through the peatlands. We see, in isolated little huts, some pigs and chickens. The old heart of St. Jaques has been preserved in its original form. The natives, here, speak italian as well as french and german.
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