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GPX-File laden GPX-File Zermatt - Theodulpass

Fleurs de Zermatt

Location: Mattertal
1606 m ü. M.

Train to Visp
– Basel–Bern–Brig–Visp
– Chur–Andermatt–Brig–Visp
– Genf–Lausanne–Sion–Visp

By Train: from Visp (or Brig)
– BVZ (Brig–Visp–Zermatt-Bahn)

By car: only until Täsch
From the parking in Täsch, take the train (BVZ)
(Circulation forbidden in Zermatt!!!)

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Zermatt - Theodulpass

Alpine route, sometimes not marked ! This stage can be avoided using the ropeway of the Klein Matterhorn. Guides and ropes are still advised because, in both cases, the course crosses the glacier.

The rich vegetation is alpine and shows evident traces of a typical valaisan landscape. The one who wants to go up to an altitude of 3800 m easily will take the ropeway, from Klein Matterhorn. History tells that, a long time ago, one could go to the Theodul col while keeping his feet “dry”. With the discovery of ancient coins and artifacts, it is proved that, a few centuries ago, there was no glacier. The Gandegghütte, is a place known for the beauty of its panorama, where a vast see of ice lies at the feet of the hiker. The trail crosses many ski runs, that should not divert him. The Theodulhütte was built just on top of the col. At this location, the hiker is at the boundary between Switzerland and Italy. The name “Theodulpass” refers to the first valaisan bishop, who lived during the fourth century.
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