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GPX-File laden GPX-File St. Jaques - Gressoney/Gabiet

St. Jaques

Location: Val d’Ayas
1689 m ü. M.

Highway A5 from Turin, direction Aoste, exit Verrès, regional road 45 direction Ayas / Champoluc, then mountain road.

Train: Turin–Aoste, get off in Verrès, then bus connection to St. Jaques

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St. Jaques - Gressoney/Gabiet

A rather quiet stage with, as canvas, the magnificient mountains. The Valle di Gressoney has become, because of its well developed skiable domain, a tourist excursion goal.

During summer, cows are still present on the Alpe Froca mountain pasture, close to some stables. They feed exclusively on the tonic herbs from the pasture. Modern techniques take possession of an intact landscape in Bettaforca. The hiker’s glance is attracted by a chair-lift station.
From Bettaforca, a worthy ascent (approximately 45 minutes) brings to the Punta Bettolina. The highest summits of the Mont-Rose massif reveal themselves in all their splendor: Breithorn, Pollux, the Zwillinge, Castor, Lyskamm and the Piramide Vinzent.
If there is enough time, one can spend a day in Gressoney. The impatient ones still have a one hour journey in front of them, from Staval to Capanna Gabiet. The Capanna Gabiet can also be accessed by ropeway from Orsia, which is midway between Staval and Gressoney-la-Trinité.

The Walser culture is still actively maintained in Gressoney. Thus, one can participate in classes where we learn “Titsch”, which is the original language of the Walser.
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