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Location: Valle della Sesia
1190 m ü. M.

Car: Road A26 between Milan and Turin, exit at Biandrate or Gravellona Toce and Romagnano-Ghemme, national road SS229 toward Alagna.

Train: to Varallo Sesia (36 km from Alagna)

Bus: connection Varallo to Alagna
6 buses per day between 09:00 and 18:35. Taxi or Minibus (9 places)

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Alagna - Macugnaga

A well developed military trail, brings to the Colle de Turlo. From there, the view on the Mont-Rose massif is particularly impressive. After crossing the Valle Quarazza, we finaly arrive in Macugnaga, an italian village, a cultural point of interest.

The trail leads through forests which let the sun shine in. Beside small waterfalls, goats eat the best leafs of small bushes. From time to time, the hiker crosses small gorges spaned by wooden bridges.
The ascent toward the Colle de Turlo is regular and is done on a trail that is so well improved by the military that the exposed sections are not frightening anymore. The trail that continues in the Valle Anzascu is waiting for us with its endless turns. This helps greatly the descent. So, the trail curves through the mountain pastures intersected by fallen rocks. Before Quarazza is the Feensee lake. In Macugnaga/Staffa on can find an abundant cultural life. To this stade of the hike, Macugnaga is the most accessible touristic place, on the italian side.
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