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Saas Fee

Location: Saastal
1809 m ü. M. Access:

Train to Viège:
– Basel–Bern–Brig–Viège
– Chur–Andermatt–Brig–Viège
– Geneva–Lausanne–Sion–Viège

Postal car from Viège (or Brig) to Saas Fee through Stalden

By car, to the entrance village (circulation is forbidden in Saas Fee!!!)

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Saas Fee - Grächen

The trail, sometimes exposed but well belayed, carries out to Grächen, through the Saas valley. After Hannigalp, it goes towards the old “Suone” (water conduct). The stroll, amongst alpine flowers, continues from Saas-Grund in the direction of Hohsaas. This is one of the most pleasant excursion, besides the tour.

The trail brings us outside of the valley, under the perpetual snow of an imposing glacier, with a view on the Weissmies, the Lagginhorn and the Fletschhorn. The impressive pyramid of the Bietschorn rises practically in front of the hiker, all along the trail. On top of the Senggboden (not on the course) is the Spillboden on which, according to a legend, a malediction fell: after the Mattmark lake had once again overflown, the inhabitants swore that they wouldn’t dance for 40 years. However, the youngsters couldn’t resist the temptation and danced, during three nights, on the Spillboden. When their oil lamps extinguished, the devil made the snow shine, and their dance floor lighted up. Since that day, this region is damned...
Before the "Lammugrabe", we cross an enormous scree. Its origins, which are not without danger, would be, according to a legend, that a dragon would have, a long time ago, nibbled the Schilthorn, after he was banned by the inhabitants of Saas.
The imposing Weisshorn massif welcomes the hikers in Grächen, at the end of the stage, finaly overcome.
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