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GPX-File laden GPX-File Macugnaga - Monte Moro
GPX-File laden GPX-File Monte Moro - Saas-Fee


Location: Macugnaga
1307 m ü.M

Highway A26 direction Domodossola–Simplon, Piedimulera junction, direction Vanzone – Ceppo Morelli – Macugnaga

Connection by bus between Domodossola and Macugnaga

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Macugnaga/Staffa - Saas Fee

The culminating point of this hike is the pass of the black mountain, the Monte Moro with its statue of the Virgin Mary. At the beginning of the Saas valley, the Viège accumulates, to form an artificial lake, in front of the biggest natural dam of Europe, whose construction provoked the death of many persons.

The Monte-Moro pass is easily accessible by ropeway. But, one can overcome, on foot, the steepest ascent of the Tour. In the background rises the majestuous east cliff of the Mount Rose. The G. Oberto hut is located on this pass. An imposing golden statue of the mother of God overhangs this hut. The hiker arrives by the original trail of the Walser, recently improved, to the immense storage reservoir of Mattmark. This dam is the biggest natural dam of Europe. The large and relatively flat trail, around the lake, is at some points belayed by cables. Many rivers, coming from the glacier, end in the artificial lake. Like the long fingers of an avid hand, the ice tongues of the Allalinhorn slip towards the valley.
At the equalizing reservoir Zer Meiggern there is a small chapel, on the right-handed side, in the direction of the valley. A commemorative plate reminds us the tragedy that took place, in august 1965, when a part of the Allalin glacier collapsed and many persons lost their lives. On top of Saas Allmagell, we arrive on a trail that climbs lightly towards Saas Fee, the pearl of the Alps. Here, electrical cars circulate because, as in Zermatt, motor vehicules are forbidden.
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